• apps

    Below are some of my favorite apps. Try them out and see if they help you too! Obsidian I discovered Obsidian after using Roam Research. I eventually left Roam in favor of the local markdown files.

  • books

    Nonfiction Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! Fiction Homegoing This book does an excellent job of connecting the dots between slavery and modern day racism.

  • places

    Aspen My wife and I went to Aspen for our honeymoon. We skied a little bit, but it wasn’t for us. Overall, the vibes of staying in a nice hotel while it snowed outside were top notch.

  • podcasts

    Cortex Cortex is a podcast that discusses work. Hosts CGPGrey and Mike work to improve their productivity systems.

  • shows

    Comedies At the end of the day, I usually want to watch a short episode of something funny with dinner. These are our go to shows: Community Parks and Rec Brooklyn Nine-Nine Bob’s Burgers Modern Family Schitt’s Creek

  • things

    Galaxy Buds Live I bought these in 2020 after they came out. Kindle Oasis I started with a kindle paperwhite a few years ago and recently upgraded to an Oasis on Prime Day.

  • youtube

    3Blue1Brown 3Blue1Brown’s host Grant Sanderson is a pioneer in visualization for mathematical eduaction. Every video provides new perspective and insight on topics I thought I knew.