DPD shoutout at FOSDEM 2019

One of my papers from 2017 was given a shoutout by Derek Kozel in February 2019 at the FOSDEM conference. The talk is shown is an overview of DPD and is on YouTube here. In the talk, the speaker refers to my work as “a really interesting find.”

The result shown is from my paper titled “Multi Component Carrier, Sub-band DPD and GNURadio Implementation” which was published at ISCAS. In this paper, we feature a sub-band approach to DPD which only targets spurious emissions that are in violation of some emission mask to save on the complexity.

Derek Kozel is a PhD student at Cardiff Univeristy. We are actually working together to create a Google Summer of Code project to implement DPD in GNURadio.

Chance Tarver
Chance Tarver
Staff Research Engineer for Wireless Systems